Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blast From the Past - January

January 2012 Overview

To further incorporate my 365 challenge I thought that I would take a selection of pictures from the past month to put everything into perspective. I have loved this project so far, but because it's a picture each day sometimes my mood can reflect my posts. Though I try so hard to say optimistic, bright and cheerful somedays a little bit of bad mood slips through. So I introduce a monthly overview, where we can look back and smile about the good times, feel proud of the achievements and hopefully create memories that will stick around for many years.

One of our New Years Resolutions for 2012 was to walk Millie everyday, and I'm very proud to say that so far so good. We've walked for at least 30 minutes each day, and because of very unsociable working hours, the majority of walks have been undertaken at 11pm. It really has been amazing. It's 30 minutes to 1 hour a day (sometimes longer) where Michael and I can just talk, laugh and basically spend quality time together. I never thought that I'd say this, but I know even more about Michael now, and I love him more that I could have ever imagined. And lets not forget poor Millie. She's loved every second.

We did have a few car troubles along the way, here and there, and though it's not the best, it's encouraged us to really watch our money. We've noticed how much money we waste each month on rubbish, and it come to the point where we just cannot do it anymore. I'm slightly addicted to saving now though.

I've become slightly more attached to my iphone this month, and even more so to Michael's. Tiny Tower has become a new friend, and Instagram has remained a good old friend, that's always there to make my pictures look pretty.

I've spent so much time with family this month, and I feel so lucky to have such amazing people around me. My parents have been there when times have gotten a little tough (mainly with the car) and supported us with time when they have little else to give. I've also enjoyed spending time with my Nanna, who with thanks to Millie we've seen a lot more of. I'm hoping to spend even more time with her in February, but for now I'll make do with the great times we've had.  

I've also found some amazing new skincare products, so expect a review on those very soon. So luxurious.

Finally we stuck to the no takeaway rule, and if I'm honest it's not been that difficult. Once we realised how much money we spent each month on fast food it got a hell of a lot easier. And thanks to walking Millie every day we've completed the working out more challenge also. 2012 is looking good, and I'm only optimistic about what's ahead. Isn't it funny how even numbers can work psychological wonders on the human mind, or is that just me? 



  1. I've loved watching your project develop over the month - can't wait to see more.

    1. It's lovely to know that someone actually enjoys reading my daily musings. Thank you. You've made my day. x


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