Wednesday, 15 February 2012

365 Challenge Day 45 - 14/02/2012

Be My Valentine 

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I love Valentines day. Though I do believe that you don't need one day to show you're loved one just how much you care, it's the perfect excuse to "encourage" your husband to watch a romantic movie. haha. I wish I could say that we got around to the movie, but unfortunately after our extremely tasty candle lit dinner I fell asleep on Michael's shoulder. Tut tut. We both had a wonderful evening and it was lovely to spend quality time with my man. Oh and guess who meet me from work with a bunch of red and white roses? Yup Michael. Such a thoughtful gesture, though I did blush slightly. 

How was your valentine's day? Did you spend it being gushy and loved up, or gipping? haha. And if you're single I sure hope that you treated yourself to something expensive that you can't quite afford, I know that I would have! 


P.S The chocolate fudge cake was a Sainsbury's own for only £2, and it was perfect. Definitely a fix for the chocolate cravings that I'm sure we all get. Nope? Just me then? 

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