Friday, 3 February 2012

365 Challenge Day 33 - 02/02/2012

Almost Married 

365 Photo Challenge February

Our 1st year wedding anniversary is just over 3 months away, so I think it's about time we got our married names updated. In our defence we have been waiting to get an official copy of our marriage certificate as we don't want to bend our original, which has taken much longer than expected. But the main reason is because we are just useless. I should admit that I'm only half a Mrs as only some places know that I'm married. But in our quest for greater organisation skills we've vowed to change to our married names before of first anniversary. Not long left then. First up DVLA. I can hear you all saying 'bout bloody time,' and I agree.

Oh and the other envelope is hopefully for free cinema tickets from Esso. Whoop whoop. I'm sure this will make a photo of the day once/if it arrives.

And on a final note we witness a man raiding through a skip on our nightly Millie walk today. Both Michael and I took a slightly too long a glance, as it took both of us quite a while to register what we were looking at. Believe me the looks from all parties were rather questioning. I should add that the skip belonged to our local doctors practice who are currently having a refit. I'm pretty sure I know what the skip raider was hoping to find, but I'm still baffled to think that he actually though he would find it.



  1. Yeah we're still working on this, I have my old name in my passport but I can't change it till I get my residency but because my passport is the only accepted ID I have in the states for now it don't really feel like i'm a Mrs at all! I still have my old name on my facebook lol

    1. aww the first thing I changed was my facebook name. haha. Though it did have two changes as we original chose to take my husbands surname, but then we both chose to keep mine.
      I think the only places that know are my work, and places Mike could change without me being there. I kind of wish that I had as good of an excuse as you, mine's just purely laziness. x


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