Friday, 15 April 2011

Falling Almost Pain Free

As I'm sure you will be aware if you have read my previous posts, I pole dance as a hobby, sport or however you want to describe it. The last time I posted about this I actually lost a follower, which meant that the post clearly offended them. This shocked me slightly as I had believed that the sport had become more socially acceptable, and even at times described as gymnastics on a pole. It really can be beautiful, and it fills me with such awe at times to watch experienced poll dancers and see the complete skill they have for their sport. 

Which leads me nicely onto this my next topic. I have recently wanted to try more advanced move on the pole, like inverts, but as you can imagine turning your entire body upside down while only holding onto a pole can be rather nerve racking. Especially since my pole of choice is an xpole. Fantastic pole, but  when new can be quite slippery, and tricky to gain sufficient hold at times. I believe that this is due to the chrome coating. This does wear off over time, but until then I need a safety net. There are pole mats available specifically designed to be used for pole dancing to prevent damage from falling, but these can be quite expensive. A lot of people use sofa cushions, but ours are unfortunately not detachable. 

A good few years now, my Mum created some foam cushions for a wooden sofa my Dad made. She never did get round to making fabric cushion covers for them, but she fully line them to protect the foam. These were then discarded into the garage when they bought a new sofa. This was probably about 5 years ago now. 

I'm sure you've spotted the connection between the two. 

Tonight once we got home from visiting friends I made Mike fish these cushion out of the garage. I originally thought that their were four, but it seems my memory had failed me as there were only two. Still completely adequate to prevent from injury. Fingers crossed. 

So then came the testing...

My hands actually slipped as I tried to get down from this move, and I quickly plummeted to the ground.  And guess what? No pain! In fact I actually bounced a little. Haha. I'm very impressed, and it didn't even cost me a penny. It's also nice to put a use to something that would have only been sent to the tip. 

I'm planing on adding velcro to the sides to I can keep them together when in use. The last thing I need is for them to slip from under me. This should be quite easy to do, and cost next to nothing. I love it. I'll be able to practice more advanced moves, with only my irrational fear to face, as theres no way I can hurt myself if I fell on these beasts. 

Do you have any hobbies, or sports you love? 
Speak Soon, 


  1. Such a neat idea! I really want to take up pole - did you go to any classes first or teach yourself?


  2. i can't believe you lost a follower last time :/ i'd love the be able to pole dance! and i've heard it's a really good workout! xoxo

  3. I would love to try pole dancing, but there are no classes anywhere near me :(

  4. I think pole dancing sounds really fun!xx

  5. Pole dancing sounds like a great and fun way to keep in shape, not sure how my dad would take it though hahaha

  6. I would absolutely love to go pole dancing and the place I work at even hosts lessons, but unfortunately my parents and my boyfriend think people at my church would think it a bit strange. Meh.
    You look amazing though!! <3

  7. p.s I have awarded you a versatile blogger award :)

  8. I would love to try pole dancing! i thought about joining up at my uni for "pole fitness" which is essentially the same, would you recommend it?
    looks so much fun!
    love your blog am now following :)

    franky xxx


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