Sunday, 27 March 2011

Blogging Life begins at 40...

I've had a lovely Sunday. I always enjoy to spend my/our Sunday doing nothing more than chilling out. It's a good job really though as I've had an allergy day. You know the ones where you can't do anything but sneeze at least once a minute. In fact my nose is tickling with another one now. It's like my nose likes to play tricks on the pollen. It welcomes it in with open arms, only to almost immediately reject it. It's a bit cruel really.

But here's what made my Sunday so lovely:

1. To log on to my blog today and watch the number of followers increase to 40, made not only my day, but my week.

Even to the extent that I had to take a picture. 
I want to take this space to thank each and every one of you. 
It means to world to me that people enjoy reading what I write.
And that they leave such lovely comments. 
If you decide to follow my blog, say hi. There's nothing more that I enjoy to do, than to reply. 
Mike even makes fun of me because I actually smile while I blog, and I agree with the computer. Haha.

2. Due to my allergies I have been confined to our sofa, but we have been blessed with such brilliant T.V. 

Normally we don't get chance to watch much T.V. With work commitments, Mike's PS3 addiction, and my internet addiction, it doesn't leave much room to spend time in front of the television. Usually when we do, there's nothing worth watching on. Typical. But today we've enjoyed:

V - I'm a SyFi geek
The Middle
Raising Hope

Now were back to our usual ritual, and Mike's been sucked into the world of Crysis 2. I sound like I mind, but honestly I don't as it gives me time to do this, but we can still be together, while enjoying something we love. 

3. We had ice cream. Again. 

Yesterday we made the foolish mistake of forgetting that we were on lent for the fraction of time it took to order a 99 from the ice cream van. It then dawned on us that we had both given up Chocolate, while looking down at the huge flake sticking out of our cones. We then spent the next couple of minutes digging out little bits of flake. Haha. We must have looked insane to passers by. 
So today when we heard the lovely sound of the ice cream van stopping out side our house we ran out, I would say we had learnt our lesson. But no... Mike still forgot to ask for it without the flake. 

Mike just pointed out Millie in the background. You can just see here face. Haha.

It still tasted amazing, even after we binned the flake. 

What? Are you not as childish as us?

So after an eventful day of eating ice cream, and not a lot more. I'm going to enjoy reading a few blogs. Then read a book. I've got Hush Hush to read next, so I'm going to see how this goes. 

I'm enjoying Young Adult fiction at the moment. I like to mix it up a bit anyway. If you look at my books I want to read page, you'll see how much my reading material varies. 

After that, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. 
I'm really sad that I had to miss the blogger meet up on Saturday, due to work, but I hope that everyone who went really enjoyed it. 
Maybe they will be another arranged soon. 
So I bid you all farewell. 
Have a good evening. 
I'll speak to you soon.



  1. Well done on reaching 40 followers, new followers make my week too!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, as for those pesky chocolate flakes I feel your pain. Chocolate seems to appear everywhere, I accidently (genuinely) ate a chocolate brownie last week. Since it was an accident I'm just going to tell myself that it doesn't count! x

  2. i think you should too. Haha. It's a pain, chocolate is in the more unlikeliest places... like on fondant fancies! It may seem obvious, but when since being a child describing the chocolate one as the brown ones... it can slip your mind. A nightmare.
    Well I'm hope no more chocolate disasters occur until Easter. x

  3. Congrats on your followers sweetie! I still let out a little squeal every time I see that number goes up and smile like a total goofball! Your blog is fab so you deserve them and many more :)

    I would die if I couldn't eat the flake out of my ice cream you are so good for getting rid of yours, I gave up meat for lent and went to a family members house who decided to have a BBQ there was not much to eat if I didn't have meat so caved :(


  4. Congrats on the followers :) I really want ice cream now! Well don for picking the flake out - I'm off chocolate for lent too and it would pain me to throw away the flake!

  5. Congrats on the followers, your blog is lovely :) ! xxx

  6. Such a cute post!
    happy 41st follower! :D
    Do visit my blog. :)

  7. Congrats on all those followers :D That ice cream looks amazingg (so hungry right now too, haha!) x


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