Monday, 13 February 2012

365 Challenge Day 43 - 12/02/2012

Breaking all the Rules

365 Photo Challenge February

Ok not quite, but definitely the no takeaway rule. Last night we decided to make a naughty and very unhealthy food choice and opted for a takeaway. We talked ourselves into it by saying that we both deserved a treat, but to be honest any excuse would have done it. haha. I must say that it was very yummy, but I don't think my body was used to the heavy meal which left me with stomach ache, not good. We both chose hamburger and chips, with a cheesy garlic bread on the side, nom nom, an we've now made the decision that we are allowed a maximum of 6 takeaways this year. We've used up the first and now are left with only 5. Choose wisely.


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