Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fighting Spots Head On!

I'm sat here catching up on my daily reads after removing all of my make-up. I'm currently having major skin problems and nothing seems to be helping. I've used so many different skin products designed for sensitive skin, acne prone skin, you name it, I've tried it. So with at least 10 huge, painful lumps for spots all around my mouth/chin area I decided to take drastic action and after work today I picked up some Quinoderm. 
Quinoderm cream KatieWrites
Now if you've never heard of this before, it's a pharmacy only product and is rather strong. The main acting ingredient is Benzoyl Peroxide 10% which is very strong indeed. I didn't really want to try this at first as it's renowned for drying out the skin, and basically this is how it works, only problem is that not only will it dry out the spot itself but it will also dry out the skin around it or anywhere else you just happen to pop it. Originally I wanted PanOxyl 5 gel, because as the name suggests this is half the strength of the Quinoderm at only 5% and if you can get hold of this then please try this first because it really is better for your skin, but unfortunately they are having problems getting the stock at the moment in certain pharmacies. 

Initial Reaction
I must say that my first reactions are pretty good. After removing all my make-up (apart from my waterproof mascara which is refusing to budge) I firstly moisturised then applied the thinest layer of Quinoderm to each individual spot taking care to avoid the surrounding skin. Almost instantly I felt a slight burning sensation where the cream had been applied, proving that the product is slightly too strong for my delicate skin, but that gradually faded, taking with it the pain from my acne. I can deal with the burning sensation if this is the result. You see I'm not overly bothered about the look of my unsightly spots because I don't have to look at my face all day, but what does bother me is the throbbing pain. 

15 minutes later...
After 15 minutes or so the pain has subsided so I can actually wiggle my jaw and the obvious redness and soreness of the break out seems to have calmed down slightly. Don't get me wrong it's not a miracle worker and neither did I expect it be, but after only 15 minutes of applying the product my skin has dramatically improved. Maybe it's all in my head because I wanted it to work, but I don't think it is. I'm going to apply one more layer before I go to bed and see how it is in the morning. I think I will still be on  the look out for the weaker strength, but for the mean time I have to say that this cream is fantastic. I'll keep you all updated on it because you never know I could end up with a rash and or more spots in the morning, so we wont count out chickens just yet. 

You can buy Quinoderm from most pharmacies. I got mine for only £2.65 for a 25g tube. 

How are you dealing with your acne prone skin?
Or are you one of those lucky buggers who never breaks out?
either way..
speak soon, 


  1. hey :o) i read this post with interest as i had bad acne when i was younger, i tried everything including eventually going on the pill and even laser treatment ( which i luckily got for free as my doctors were in a free trial/test area) and nothing worked. I tried Quinoderm too and it didn't really work for me, but my skin was SO stubborn literally nothing worked on it!

    I have heard so many good things about it though its nice to see someone it is working/will be working for!!

    Would be interesting to see a follow up post and to see if it helps in the long term.. I know it works for lots of people! x

  2. Don't worry there will definitely be a follow up post. Like I said this is only day one, all could change. If this doesn't work I'll be taking a trip to the GP to see if they can help. Fingers crossed.
    The thing is when I was younger I never really had what I'd call acne, I had minor breakouts, but in the past few years it's just got uncontrollable. Nightmare. I am lucky in way though as it could be a hell of a lot worse, but one day I'd like nice skin. x

  3. I think everyones breaking out in spots at the mo!

    I've got a beast of a spot on my chin and have just dabbed it with TCP (swear by this stuff!) hoping it will clear up by Friday.


  4. I use sudocrem on any major spots and it is amazing. Any of the strong stuff I've ever used has just irritated my skin and given me an extra 20 x

  5. Acne can be frustrating. I did Acutane (through a doctor) and it has never returned. Good luck. You are stunning with or without the frustrating bumps.....

    Get Up & Go

  6. I take Evening Primrose oil tablets for the little blighters on my chin! I have done for years! i dont know the medical stuff behind it (something to do with hormones) but it works for me!
    also using vichy normaderm products at the mo which are designed especially for acne prone skin . it does seem to be helping (touch wood!)
    also love sudocream! love the smell! x

  7. I don't get acne but got a huge painful spot on Monday. I attacked it with a sterile needle and alcohol :/ probably shouldn't have but I was desparate! I bought Superdrug anti-blemish gel which has worked wonders in the last 24 hours! One to try x

  8. Oh also, I put your blog button on my 'Blogs I <3' page :) x

  9. Hope that helps to make the spots go away. I usually just use Clearasil for lack of anything better. :)

    The Cat Hag


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