Friday, 15 July 2011

Look who got a package!

Check out my package KatieWrites
I entered a giveaway on Sometimes Sweet last month. I think giveaways are one of those things that you enter but never think you're actually going to win, but guess who won! Meeeeee! I got this lovely package which was shipped all the way from the US. And what was inside? A set of wrapped pens from this wonderful etsy shop. It's such an easy but original concept that from the second I saw them I fell in love. Obviously being a total book geek I had to have 'The Hunger Games' set, and I also got to choose pens. (you had a choice of pencils or pens) Whoop Whoop! They are so pretty and I love them.
Bouncing Ball Creations Pens KatieWritesBouncing Ball Creations Pens KatieWritesBouncing Ball Creations Pens KatieWrites
Please go check out their etsy shop called bouncing ball creations. I had it saved in my favourite as 'ah-mazing pencils' before I won. haha. The communication with the founder was fantastic and I was even given the option to pick a specific chapter or page I particularly wanted, which I thought gave such a personal touch. (Obviously being super indecisive I eventually left this in their capable hands.) I do think that good communication creates a returning customer. Communication is the key.

This is actually the second giveaway I've won since starting blogging in March. The first one I won was my wedding fragrance, Lola, from FleurDeForce's giveaway. I blogged all about it here. It's was one of those things that I really couldn't afford so I was so grateful when I won. I only ever enter giveaways that I really want to win because I'd feel awful if I won but didn't really want the prize.  

I'm going to play with my new pens now.
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  1. Oooh goody. Well done, your gifts are amazing. I have one lots of give-aways since blogging, and it eans so much to recieve something from someone you admire. Great stuff.

  2. what a lovely little creation!I immediately went and added the store to my favorites!How lovely that you have won some giveaways!!!x

  3. That is such a lovely idea. Totally unique. Congrats on winning them :) xo

  4. You lucky lady! what an awesome prize x

  5. ah, they're awesome! it's funny, right before I clicked onto here I was looking at some newspaper print nail art. love it!

  6. First off I'd just like to say that your blog is awesome. I think these pens and pencils are so unique! Thanks for the link!

    Sincerly your new follower,

    -Nicole Alicia


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