Monday, 4 July 2011

Felt Moustaches... Obviously

For our wedding 'way' back in May we were consumed by the idea of props, from 'Just Married' signs to moustaches, but encountered problems along the way. In the end we ended up making cardboard moustaches two nights before the wedding which worked perfectly on the day...
Wedding Moustache Prop KatieWrites
Bride and Groom Moustache Props
Bride and Groom Moustache
but it wasn't until last night that the obvious idea occurred to me,

Why did I struggle with thick cardboard and messy permanent markers when I could have just used felt?

A softer, more handmade feel would have just perfect, but I guess that a bride has so much to think about just days before her wedding that practicalities are the lasts thoughts to be had. 

Which lead me to think, just because I couldn't make them for my own wedding, why can't I make them for other people's? Plus they would be just perfect for birthdays, hen do's, stag do's, or even just a great night out. So I got my little cogs turning and created a rough plan, all I need now are a few bits and pieces and my felt moustaches will be my newest of creations. 
What's more, with these designs I can also create the juicy pink lips I so much desired for my own wedding. 
Hope you're looking forward to seeing these as much as I am.
Speak Soon,


  1. the mustaches from your wedding are lovely! get your create on, girl! :) -Lo

  2. Love how quirky and fun your wedding sounds! Thank you for popping by my own blog and leaving all your lovely messages!! :D xx

  3. 'raid our s-tash' hee hee hee made me giggle! love props for weddings! these 'tashes' are brilliant!!! is there a link to your shop? x


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