Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cute Crafty Supplies

After a very relaxing movie watching day we headed to the range and this is what I wore... cue very uncomfortable picture...
Awkward OOTD post KatieWrites
We needed to make the trip to pick up some mini buttons as my supply was running very low, but as usual we ended up picking up more than expected.
Mini Haul KatieWrites
These are the buttons that I previously mentioned. They are a little expensive but I just love them so much. They didn't have the plain ones, which to be honest are the ones I went in for so I will still have to scour the internet for them. Ah well.
Mini Buttons KatieWrites
I also picked up a huge tub of cookie cutters. 101 pieces to be precise. These are mainly for my felting designs, but I'm sure I could also use them for actual cookies. Yum Yum.
101 Cookie Cutters
Alphabet Cookie Cutters KatieWrites
Finally I bought these cute book marks. As you know by now I'm definitely a bookworm, so when it comes to bookmarks it's a case of 'the more the merrier.' I fell in love with these immediately, and they were only £1.50. Ah-mazing!
Paperclip animal bookmarks KatieWrites
Giraffe Bookmark KatieWrites
Meet the new George. Is it just me that gives all Giraffe's the same name?

Anyhow, Speak Soon,


  1. Love those bookmarks! I have a similar one but it's a flower and it definitely brightens up my books haha xx

  2. I love The Range!! I buy so bloody much there that my bf has stopped me going on my own because I always come back with a car load of stuff. :D Adore your outfit btw - you look lovely. xoxo


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