Saturday, 2 July 2011

A lovely long weekend ahead

My long weekend off from work has finally come around again. I love to sandwich my weekend with lazy days. 

             ♥ Today being Saturday I had a lovely long lay in, waking up at 2pm. Some would say that this was a waste of a day, but it's just what my body needed. 

              ♥ I then stayed in bed to finish my book which was incredible but had such a sad ending, which in turn made me sad. So when Mike called me from work I told him just how sad I was. haha. Michael is doing a long shift at work so isn't home until 10pm. But he is bring pizza and cake home with him so I guess that make's up for it.

            ♥ Now I'm enjoying some much needed guitar time. I've played the guitar for a year now on and off, learning from my amazing husband who has played for 8 years. He really is amazing on it guitar and I am nothing in comparison but that doesn't make me love to play any less. 

Description of Photo
I love how you can see my PJ bottoms and my funky slippers in the reflexion. haha.

Stunning screen shot. haha.

I've recorded this cover of one of my favourite songs ever, Moon River. I don't do it any justice but I love to sing this song about as much as I love to listen to it. Hope you enjoy singing along too. (and don't mind the dodgy eyeliner and the facts that is the only make-up I have on, it's my lazy day.)

Speak Soon,


  1. You have such a lovely voice!! Loved hearing your voice, makes you seem more real (odd as that may sound). Have a lovely weekend Katie!!!

  2. hey. that was really lovely, you sing very well. thats one of my favourite songs too:) I loved watching you play it, seems so personal:)

  3. Katie you have a beautiful voice! x

  4. aww thats one of my favourite songs ever! you did a lovely version:)

  5. Eeeep, little bit in love with you after watching this! Watch out Mike!! ;) haha. You're awesome. :)) x x


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