Thursday, 14 July 2011

Homemade: Felt Bunting

Felt Bunting
Felt Bunting KatieWrites
Felt Bunting KatieWrites

I made this bunting the other night. I wanted something cute for our bedroom, but unfortunately it's found a home above our fire. Pretty much like anything else that will hang nicely on our fire place, like the MR & MRS sign we were given as a wedding gift for example.

This is sure to be a new addition to my shop, which is almost ready. Exciting news! I've made the site, which is actually a new blog for now, the layout is almost there, the name is finalised, I've just got to finish up. I need a little quality time to put solely toward the site before I can say that it's up and running, but I'd say it will be up for my birthday in August. Fingers Crossed.

Speak Soon,


  1. Katie, that bunting is absolutely darling! I cannot wait until you open up your shop, you make such lovely, pretty and unique items.

    Much Love

  2. These are so cute, i love the colours! x


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