Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Letter of Recognition

Dear McDonalds, 
For all those times that you've made my order wrong, or for those times when your ice cream machine is not working, or even for those times when you make me park in bay one only to find out that bay one has already been taken, and you force me to panic about whether or not my food will make it to me or to the individual already taking my spot. Though all our bad times you have finally changed my opinion. Presenting the new 'Time Out' McFlurry. Who knew that McDonald's could be so accommodating? 
Cadbury's McFlurry
Now calm down McDonalds' big wigs, you didn't miss the bulletin, I presented the Time-Out McFlurry not you. Nom Nom. Here we have a plain McFlurry with toffee sauce, and we added the Time-Out pieces. Best McFlurry yet if I do say so myself. I'm just very impressed that you made our McFlurry without any questions asked. Congratulations go out to your customer service skills. (Just this once.) 

Yours Faithfully, 


  1. eekk i have the sudden urge for a mc flurry ! god dammmm ;0)

  2. I love McFlurries, especially the Oreo ones although they never put enough topping on them! I bought a Dairy Milk one a few weeks ago and added a full pack of chocolate buttons - it was so good! xx

  3. I had a Flake McFluffy as (part of) a McDonalds hangover cure last week, and I have to say it was better than expected. I usually think they're a little measly with the chunks!

    Great invention though :)


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