Monday, 14 March 2011

A lovely delivery with a big thank you to Fleurdeforce

On Friday I received this through the post. 

My fiance took this all the way to his work, on the bus, so when I picked him up I could open it. Bless Him.

Lets rewind a few days...

As most of you will know, recently FleurDeForce had a blog giveaway to celebrate reaching 5000 followers! She chose to have a giveaway every day for 6 days. 
Firstly lets say that I love both her blog and youtube. As with all the blogs I follow I love to sit down after a long day at work (or a lazy day at home) and read what they have to say. 
I thought it was a lovely thought to have a giveaway even though I personally would read her blog even if she never did a giveaway.

So the first five days of her giveaway past, and I didn't enter any as I felt if I did I was taking this chance away from someone who could truly benefit from the prizes. 
If I had entered and won,but didn't really want the prizes, I would feel awful that I'd just entered anyway. 

Roll on day 6. I read Fleur's blog for that day and noticed that the giveaway for the day was perfume. Perfect. 

As a bride to be I had been told many times that you should have a fragrance specifically for your wedding day that you should also wear through out your honeymoon. This way you would always be reminded of this special time in your life whenever you wore the same fragrance. 

I was hoping to find a nice yet affordable fragrance for my wedding. 

I entered the giveaway. 

The next day I was reading her blog as usual, and casually scrolled down to read the winners, to see if I recognised any of them. 

And I did.... ME

I couldn't believe my eyes! 
I never win anything! 
I shouted my fiance over to double check that it was really my username on the screen.... and it was. 
I was shocked to say the least. 

Not only had I won but there were two prizes that day, 
Marc Jacobs - Lola, 
or Calvin Kline - CK ONE
 I had won Lola. 
I even had to check back to my comment to see if I had mentioned that this was the fragrance I had wanted... and no... 
I was just a very lucky girl.
I checked my emails, and there it was a lovely email from the beautiful Fleur informing me that I had won. 
I emailed back immediately, whist eating my tea of fish fingers and chips. (Again... I know, I know, I like it ok.)

And we're back to where my story began, with my package... 

At first I couldn't understand what would be inside the package as I hadn't ordered anything recently. 
Gosh sometimes I am dumb, I don't know how Mike puts up with me. 

I opened it up and proceeded to take picture upon picture of the contents. 

Mike had to help me open it as I couldn't figure it out. 
There really are some things that I should never admit. 
But I do anyway.

This set is just stunning. 
I had read a few days earlier that you should layer your fragrances on you wedding day so the scent lasts all day. 
This prize is just perfect.

I obviously ripped all the products out of their packaging to have a good old smell, and I couldn't be happier.

I'm going to test these out next month, just to make sure I don't have a reaction to them. I'm allergic to so much that this is pretty much a must.
The fragrance I have already tested at work so I know I'm ok with that. In fact it was the first thing I did the next day when I got to work. *Sprits* It's smells divine.

This bottle is amazing. 
As soon as I had a picture of it, I re-packaged it back in it's box, ready for my wedding day.
I'm adamant that this fragrance will not be worn by me before my wedding... in 9 weeks! *shock*

Overall this is such a generous prize, that I was so lucky to win.
Thank you so much Fleur!
I will always be so grateful. 
I still can't really believe it. 
Like I've said before, I never win anything, until now.
And if that's all I ever win, I won't mind, because to win something when I really needed it makes me so happy.  


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  1. Big congratulations! Lola is my favourite perfume ever, what a fantastic prize!xxx


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