Sunday, 27 March 2011

These boots are made for walking

I've been on the look out recently for a new pair of boots. Since the end of winter, beginning of spring I came to realise that I had no practical shoes. I either own, ballet pumps, trainers, converse or wellies. If it rains I'm stuffed. Unless I have the wellies on, but most of the time I want something a little smaller. In fact the last time I wore them was when we had the major downpour of snow.

So the hunt began. 

I've noticed that there has been a recent fashion, where most of the boots made, have no zips. I struggle with this as I can't for the life of me get them on. And if I do manage to get one on, I get cramp in my other thigh as I proceed to fight with the other boot. No matter how much of a good offer these boots seem at the time, I can't buy something I can't get on my feet. I wish I had a high instep, or at least some sort of excuse as to why I can't get these boots on, but really I'm just pants at putting on shoes! 

I also have rather large calves so knee high boots are a big no, no. One day I may find my perfect knee high boot, I'm just hoping they come with a zip. Haha. 

Anyway, last week I was browsing on the New Look website, and came across their shoe section. As usual they have some sort of sale, so I thought I'd take a look. 

And there they were, my new boots...

Now these don't have a zip.
But I can get them on my feet! 
And I love them. 

I noticed on the picture on the website that at the back they had a slit, and I was hoping this would make it easier to put the boot on. I was right, and now I have the most gorgeous new boots that fit. 

They are pretty comfy, but I've only worn them in the house so far. I'll test them out properly soon.
But so far I'm very happy. I love the colour and the buckle detail. And I seem to have unintentionally saved the best bit till last... the price. £12.50.

The delivery was quite reasonable at £3.95, and it only took three days from placing the order to receiving my item in the post. The only fault I have with the actual delivery is that they left it outside our door in full view of the street, but I guess that's not New Look's fault, it's their courier service. 

Does anyone else have this problem?

We always find ours either outside our front door, on the window ledge, or in or around the bin.

I'm pretty happy with my boots and I won't need a new pair for quite some time now. I know from all the recent posts it may seem like I shop all the time, but in reality I don't. I've just been very lucky recently being able to find things that I actually like. I also like to wear things to death. I generally won't bin anything unless it's falling apart. So this is just a warning that there won't be many new clothes posts for sometime now, I'm all spent out. But be sure to expect more wedding posts. With less than 8 weeks until the big day I've got plenty to do... and blog about. 


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