Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Double Trouble: OOTD No1

Just a quick OOTD post before we head off to bed. After a long day a work, we headed off to Mike's friend's house for a few hours, where Mike asked him if he would be best man. Obviously the answer was yes, but it is a slightly tricky situation as they are expecting their first child a week after our wedding. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan. 

top - Newlook   jeans - Asda   boots - Newlook   bag - Next

Quite a boring, but ever so comfy outfit. The top is green, even though for some reason it looks brown here. Ergh. In fact an awful picture all round, yet another reason why me and our Cannon point and shot are not on speaking terms. On a brighter note I have fallen even more in love with these jeans, from my recent post. They are so soft, and comfy. It's like wearing PJ's outside. The bag was a Christmas present from my Mum, but I've only just got round to using it. It has started to soften up, though I've now developed an issue with over-filling it, which causes painful shoulders. Uh-oh. Anyway...

Speak Soon, 


  1. Love your blog layout Katie :)

    and your outfit is really nice, love the boots xx

  2. surprisingly these boots are so comfy as well... I love them.


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