Sunday, 6 March 2011

Our budget plan.. budget for the future

As mentioned previously my partner and I are getting married in May. 10 weeks from now. 
Am I nervous? 
Yes, undoubtably. 
Not to spend the rest of my life with Michael, for nothing in this world fills me with greater joy than to know that each day that lies ahead we will spend together as a married couple, but for the actual day itself. 

Though even the thought of this is nothing more than I can handle. 

I like to be the centre of attention at least to some extent, I think every one of us does to some point and I don't see a point in denying it, but to walk down the aisle with all eyes on me just fills me with dread. 
Once the actual ceremony is over nothing worries me at all, I'll be free to enjoy the rest of the day. 

Mainly the things that scare me is the time before the ceremony and during. 

The times alone, away from Michael, my rock, and the times where all eyes are on us. 

Though thinking more clearly whilst typing this, the ceremony itself seems slightly less daunting at I will stood with Mike, and from previous experience I know that we could be in a room full of people, but somehow manage to block everything out effortlessly until it's just him and myself. 

Even the invites are coming together, at this rate our guest may get their invites after the
Here's a little preview.

Up until this point another factor that terrified me was money. The cost of the wedding. And even with a wedding on such a small scale as ours, it's still more money than I've ever spent on any one thing. I can easily understand how people can get in such vast amounts of debt to have their dream day. Ours won't be so lavish as to pour us into such huge amounts of debt, but there will be some which we will have to work through after the wedding. 

Unlike many couples we didn't have much time to save up for our wedding day as unforeseen circumstances  meant that we needed to push our wedding day forward for reason I cannot yet go into, but will soon. They are more exciting reason, than bad. In total from the date of proposal we will have had less than one year to plan and save, and lets just say we aren't the best savers. Last minute springs to mind. I've also never been one to save for my wedding since being a child, as it's just not me. I don't want to 'count my chickens before they are laid.' So neither of us started to save for our wedding until we got engaged. 

Last night forced me to look at our finances and see how we were going to finish paying for the rest of our wedding. I'm proud with what I did, and overall feel a lot more confident, money wise when it comes to our big day. At first I was unsure whether to post pictures of our new budget plan, as it shows the rough amounts we get paid each month, and we are far from loaded. But then I though, I'm not ashamed of what we earn. Yes it would be nice to earn more, but we get by. We have nice things, we can afford food, to pay the bills, and we're happy, so what does it matter if we don't earn as much as someone reading this? 

So our budget is tight, but it's definitely manageable. I know for a fact if we left our selves short we would not do it, which would be the worst thing for us to do. From these plans it means we should be able to save roughly £500 from now up until the end of March / mid April. It's a special month, and if it wasn't due to four weekly pay we wouldn't be able to save that much, but this means the final purchases for our wedding should be paid for. Rings being an important one. 

And yes, I need everything has to be colour coded. I can't cope if not. We're also going to put this budget plan on our fire place. Not to burn it, but to put it in the most inconvenient place so we actually use it! 

I have still entered many competition to win things for our wedding, but it mean if I don't win all will not be lost. 

Currently I've entered one to win our rings, and the runners up could win money off their rings. 

I also sent an email off for glamour magazines free cash, where you could be the lucky winner of £500 to buy anything, you just have to tell them in 50 words or less why you deserve it. I personally don't, but I would love to buy my husband-to-be a wedding present (I can't say what yet as he might read this.) I've not had a reply so I pretty doubtful. 

I also enter a few to win our honeymoon. Haha. If I win, bonus, if not it's not the end of the world. 

Overall it's going to be a tough couple of months, but very worth while. I also need to do a car boot, so hopefully that will raise a bit of money, and clear out at lot of things we don't use. 

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