Thursday, 10 March 2011

A Good End To A Bad Day... well evening

It's been one of those days today at work. The day in general was fine, nothing spectacular happened, then it just got bad, along with my English it seems. I won't go into detail, because lets face it no-one really cares. Haha.

What follows in this story is rather sad to admit...
but finding a copy of this magazine made my day!

I noticed this offer as soon as it came out, and proceeded to hunt high and low for a copy with the free dramatically different moisturising lotion.
Luck was not on my side as the only copies left seemed to have the lipstick. *Sad face*

Tonight we made a trip to Asda to buy tea (the meal not the beverage) and noticed that someone had stolen all the freebies out of the magazine. The little shits.

Here's tea! Not very healthy, but still yummy!
(Actually it wasn't that yummy, not as good as I remember it anyway.) 

We then headed to OneStop on the off chance that they may have a copy in stock, preferably with the free give still intact. 
And oooh yeah, I finally found my copy. I just hope it's worth the effort. 

I've wanted to try this moisturiser for ages, but never really taken the plunge incase I didn't like it. 
To be honest I've only ever heard good things, but I'm such a fussy bugger.

Also, for a free gift this is quit a large size at 30ml. 
This is sure to last me quite a while.
Can't wait to wash my make-up off for the day now, and treat my skin.

And to finish this blog post here's a picture of a random object in our kitchen:

You see everyone's got to ride in style.


  1. i saw another post mentioning something about a free lipstick from the magazine...wasn't sure what she meant. wow, cool!! i never did se these on the stand!

  2. Ahh, I must go get that magazine!! It would be the perfect pick me up today.. thanks without this post I would have totally forgotten about it :)
    Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it!! Have followed, keep up the good posts :D <3

  3. Awww thank you for such a lovely comment. I hope you manage to find the magazine you want.


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