Saturday, 26 March 2011

Super Skinny Jeans. Yeay? or Nay?

After a long day at a work, much needed retail therapy was deserved. It's been a tough week, which I won't get into, but believe me when I say, I needed these bits.

Now I was never interested in the whole jeggings phase. To be honest I think it was purely the elasticated waist band that put me off. Then on Thursday night I noticed this blogpost by the lovely Jennie. I couldn't believe it. She had only gone and found herself the perfect pair of jeggings.... only they're not jeggings. They are super skinny jeans. So they have the proper 'jeans' waist band. Whoop whoop. Off to Asda I had to go...

Believe me these were tricky to take, thanks Ikea. 
... a few hours later I returned home to try them on. And I think I like them. I especially enjoy the bum shot. Haha. I have a huge problem with my thighs, topped of by awful knees, but I don't think I mind how these look. In fact I would say I like them. And for only £12.50 not to bad at all.

I think I've found a keeper. 
Time to take the tags?
Let me know before it's too late.



  1. Love them!!! I have some super skinnies from Tesco's and they're great!! Only downside is that they can get a bit baggy around your waist and knees after you've worn them quite a few times. However they snap back after a wash so it's worth it!!! You look gorgeous hun!! <3

  2. I like them, though I think they may only work paired with heels... I'm actually quite partial to jeggings. Have you tried them?

  3. love skinny jeans, the skinnier the better i say! xxx

  4. Aww they look great on you! xo

  5. I love skinny jeans and I think they look great :) xx

  6. Thank you everyone, I think it's time to take off the tags.

    @ Jennie - it means so much to me that you like them seen as you were my inspiration. x

  7. I think they look fab on you.. a deffo yay! x


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