Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday Minus the Pancakes

I'm not a fan of the usual Shrove Tuesday meal of  Pancakes, so for tea tonight my partner and I sat down to a lovely sophisticated meal of fish fingers and chips. Yum yum. Not traditional, but yummy none the less. We followed our meal with the following pudding. 

It may seem quite a lot but as we have decided to give up chocolate for lent it seemed appropriate. Now I'm not overly religious so for me this is more of a personal challenge than anything else. It has also come at the perfect time as recently I have found myself eating more chocolate than I'd like to disclose. So for me the next 40 day and 40 night are going to be chocolate free... which means no more of these bad boys...

(how do you eat yours?)

This will definitely be the hardest part.

I also feel the need to give up crisps as even though I'm not a big savoury fan I'm worried that I'll replace the chocolate I can't have with crisps. With this plan I can't do either. I may also loose a little bit of weight witch would be a bonus. 

Wish me luck for the next 40 days and night

And to you chocolate, my love, I'll see you at Easter

P.S The Thornton's caramel bites are awful. That bad that the food bin we like to call Mike, is currently picking the chocolate off and leaving the rest. Cheers mi Dears. 

Which leaves us with...

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  1. Good luck for Lent Katie :) It's going well for me so far, I managed to resist a chocolate éclair today! xx


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