Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Page turners

I've decided to add a page to my blog, and I'm about to add another. Both I am very excited about. The reasons behind them are partially due to organisation, partially due to determination, and partially due to me being a big fat geek! 

These new pages are my books to read this year...
... which as I've now started this list I don't know if I really want to ever buy another book... or at least not in the next few months, unless something I really want comes out. 

And movies I need want to see. 
This one is more as a way to remember movies I like the look of. I need this as I'm one of those people who spots a movie and make a mental note to watch this when it come out on DVD really cheap. 

Mental notes for me are just useless, I have an awful memory. Unless it's something not worth remember, then count on me for that one. 

Plus whenever I go to blockbuster I can never remember any movies... ever! Poor memory... remember?! 

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