Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sunday adventures, posted on Tuesday

Sundays are no longer the day of rest, but in fact an early start for me. 

I now have my weekly pole dancing class at 11:15am on a Sunday morning and I love it. I sacrifice one of my 2 lay-ins per week to dance. I've now joined a new class and the people there are amazing. 
On Sunday I almost perfected my windmill. I'm not sure what move google would come up with for this as there are so many different names for the same move in pole dancing, but soon I'll upload a picture once I've got it down to a T! 

I've been wanting to go to hobbycraft for soooo long, years I think. So we decided straight after pole dancing we would go. Sheffield seemed to be the best option so off we went. The sheffield hobbycraft is rather close to Meadowhall, so we made a detour on the way on and found ourselves in Paperchase, New Look, and Primark

 I am so happy with all my purchases. 
*The box was just a want. 
*The diary was a need! I've needed/wanted a diary through-out the month of Feb, but could not for the life of me find one. That's kind of a lie, Staples had one but it was very ugly. I found this pretty pink one in Paperchase, and better than that... the sales assistant was reducing all the diaries! This ended up being £8 from £12! 
*The black paint is for a project I'm planning on doing for my wedding. I've noticed the ceramic hearts around recently but they are quite expensive, well more expensive than free, so I've decided to recreate my own. I'll let you know how this goes. 
*Of course the felt is a must. No explanation needed. 
*From Primark I picked up some facial wipes, and a very pretty dress. It does squish my boobs a little but still very pretty, but upstairs. 
*New Look was disappointing... I found some very pretty shoes on the New Look website look. But in real life, not very comfy and not very white. The material used makes them look very dirty.

(In regards to hobbycraft - to be honest I'll probably stick to The Range in the future as we have one pretty close by to us and it's pretty much the same just with other things as well... if that makes sense)

It was Mike's friend's partner's birthday, and we'd been invited to join them for a birthday meal. I was shocked and insisted over and over and over again that Mike asked them to confirm it was her birthday, whist making her a birthday card + present
To me birthdays are so special and I normally want the most special people around me on that day, so to be invited out was an honour. 

 I'm rather proud of this card... it's the first card I've EVER MADE!!! (Well properly... I've made valentines day cards for Mike, but I don't think they count)

 I also got to try out my new pens. My new love. 

 Originally I created this little cookie guy keyring for her but I didn't like him. Even my camera didn't like him and refused to focus on him. I think that proves that he was not worthy as a present, but I will give him a good home with me. Just because something is ugly does not mean they don't deserve to be loved. 

I love the looks people give when they don't really expect the picture. 

They all had the tough pudding which needed to be eaten with a knife and fork. I think it was the ice cream that made it cold. (private joke)

Rach and Dan then got addicted to this machine, at 50p a go, not a cheap addiction. Rach was amazing at though, and won twice, unfortunately this is the only evidence we have as the machine failed to give out the prizes. Next time I come across a striped ball keyring I need to pick one up. 

We then went round to theirs for a few drinks and watched Hancock staring Will Smith,(Again.) Amazing movie, funny and sad, just a great movie... oh and annoying adverts channel 5! Nominated driver here had a small bottle of diet coke. The only problem that day was that their road is so small, so to get out of their drive I had to reverse out then continue to reverse all the way down their road. Mike thought I was mad but it worked! 

A very busy day, but a great one. I loved it. We've had plenty of good nights in recently, but we've not had a good night out in ages. We're already planning a repeat very soon. 

It just goes to show that even if your tired, busy, or just lazy and can't be bothered to go out, and would rather just sit in doing nothing, just go out, make an effort, you never know you might have a good time. 

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