Friday, 29 April 2011

XBOX: What an adventure!

Oh yes, you guessed it. Another XBOX post. Who'd have thought? haha. Well to be fair we did only get it yesterday, so we're still in the 'oooh it's so shiny and new stage.' We've had so much fun with it. Last night we laughed so much I could have peed a little. 

In the KINECT bundle we got the Kinect Adventures, which I must say is blooming brilliant, and that's an understatement. When they say experience the thrill of 'full-body' gaming, they mean it. It's like a workout. I remember when the Wii first came out I thought it was revolutionary. I thought, 'wow, this is just what we need, a fun console that has the added bonus of getting you fit.' Well Kinect takes this to another level. This morning when I woke up my muscles ached, and as the day progressed my legs became stiff. I for one love that feeling, or should I say I love to hate it? And the best thing, it was so fun I wanted to play more and more and more! 

There are a few game play options when you start. We chose the free play first so we could try out the games and basically have a laugh. These games are hilarious. The Kinect randomly takes pictures of your during the game play, and you should see the look of determination and concentration on both of our faces. At the end of each game we also ended up giving each other a high five. haha. But one warning... 

When they say move the furniture, do it! We thought we'd created enough room, until I booted the coffee table. I must admit that it was less painful than funny, but I'm surprised that there isn't a dint. 

I'm so impressed with this game. The Adventure option on the main menu is the actual game, which is just as good as the free play if not better. It's so easy to set up 2 player as well... you simply step in front of the TV, and that's it. You also unlock living trophies, which you then bring to life, by dancing and singing and talking. The first one you unlock is a hamster and I even laughed in the car on my drive to work this morning just thinking about what we made these two do. Nothing rude, but lets say Mike and I keep singing the song we created to each other. haha. 

I would recommend this game to anyone. It has brightened our life even more. How sad! Ahh well you've got to have laughter in your life, not that we needed anymore, but who would refuse an extra giggle? Though if you're a serious sole, I don't know if I would suggest this game. Both Mike and I are rather immature when it comes to games, etc, we're like a pair of big kids. For example last week we, well I,  decided to attempt handstands in the park while walking Millie, and if we've gone at the right time (when the teenagers don't rule the playground) we play on the swings. Especially when it snows...

And without further a-du my XBOX KINECT workout gear...

PJ bottoms and one of Mike's t-shirst. What else did you expect? 

Speak Soon, 


  1. That game sounds amazing, lol out them taking pics of you! x

  2. I've never played that particular game but I've played Dance Central for Xbos Kinect which was a work out and half (and I'm a dancer who has dance practice roughly 3 x a week!)!

  3. I think I may have to give that one a go, it sounds so much fun. Thank you. x


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