Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wedding Planning: A few ticked off the list

Today has been a rather hectic but productive day. I had an early start due to my wedding dress fitting appointment, which was a 9:30. Though this was originally a daunting time for me, now I'm rather grateful as it enabled me to cram so much into my day. At the beginning of today I was so nervous for our Wedding day, after yesterday when it hit me that we had just over 3 weeks left until the big day, and not a lot had been organised. Now as I sat here typing this I'm starting to look forward to it. 

The dress fitting went well. The dress still needs some slight alteration on the bum area, but these should be sorted by next Friday. It's quite strange to think that on the morning of the Royal Wedding, I'll be having my final dress fitting for my wedding dress. 

This is a quick shot I took while trying to figure out the lighting. I'd love to show the pictures of my dress, but I'm going to save that for the 14th May. 

Next we headed off to a flower shop. The one we chose was a recommendation from my Mum, and even though she had not been for years, they were lovely. My original plan of daffodils for my bouquet was not meant to be as they have all now died, but my second choice turned out to be perfect. I want to call them gerbils....  

Gerber Daisies. The lady who helped us had so much patience with me. Organising a wedding is so far away from my comfort zone, that making a decision, sometimes requires a little bit of help. The colour combination she chose was just perfect. She will also keep the stems quite long with ribbon to hold them together. We then chose the white ones for the button holes. 

As soon as we got home I got started on making our wedding invites. I had my mind set on making them out of salt dough, but the smell of them baking had put me off for so long. Even to the point that come our wedding day we would have no guest. 

Once they had baked, I gathered them all up to take to my Mum's to paint.
I will dedicate an entire post for these as they were so fun and rewarding to make. 

By 3:30, I had almost completed all the painting, just in time for my hair appointment at 4pm. I tried to wait for 2 weeks before the wedding for this, but my split ends were driving me mad. At this appointment, I managed to organise my hair appointment for my wedding day, and book in my trial appointment, and to top it all off book in for all the waxing a girl would need for their wedding day. 

I feel so much better after all this, as I've managed to tick off 3 more big things from the never ending wedding to do list. I really am starting to look forward to our wedding day, rather than dreading it, from lack of organisation. 

I hope your week is going well.
Speak Soon, 


  1. Wedding planning is so exciting!


  2. The bouquet is so pretty, I love those flowers. I'm looking forward to seing the dress post after the big day! Only three weeks, it must be so exciting! x

  3. Wow, what a busy day! Must be so exciting though - I get all girly just reading the word 'wedding'! :D x x

  4. You must be getting so excited !!


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