Monday, 25 April 2011

Day In The Life: Easter Sunday

On an Easter Monday what better way to spend the day than remembering Easter Sunday? 

This year we had a very different start to the day than usual, as we went to Church with my Nanna. We are getting married in three weeks and we wanted to hear our Bans being read for the third and final time. Now I wouldn't say that I am the most religious person, but I also would not say that I don't believe. I just haven't fully made my mind up yet. It was a very emotional start to the day as it made me happy to see people drawn together by their faith, but it also made me sad to see such a small congregation. Half of me expected to see the Church packed, and that we would have to go early to make sure that we got a seat. I was wrong. Most people were old, and the thought that the faith was dying out scared me. I wish that I had taken photos as we attended the Church where we will be married... which gave both Michael and I butterflies. It was also nice for once to celebrate Easter in the way it was meant and how it originated. I for one believe that the true sense of Easter has been almost forgotten with Easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny. I think from now on I will celebrate both ways, and pass this onto our future children.

Easter Bonnets and Rice Crispies made by Nanna, and the Nicer Dicer from my Mum... I wanted this for so long.

 We then all went round to my parents house for Easter Sunday Lunch. We do this every year. We like to celebrate special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Easter, in the same way, with family, food and laughter. The food was divine as usual. My Mum truly is the best cook on this planet, and her roast potatoes are to die for. 

And this was BEFORE dinner. Haha.

I love watching these two wait for dinner, I just wish our Millie could have shared in with the smell.
Of course the puppies need their own Easter Meal.

My love these dogs has been shared many times before

 For years we used to play cards when we had the family over, but through unforeseen circumstances we have not done this for quite some time. I think you forget how much you enjoy something, until you do it again... and a game (or games) reminds you of how much fun it really is. 

Jaspa brought his Doggie Beer as my  Dad tormented my Nanna. I love our family.

♥ We called it a night at close to 10pm, as we all could have swallowed the room with each yawn. We dropped my Nanna off at home, then Mike and I only stayed up for another hour then had to go to bed. 

Obviously we need the last pictures of the day... Que. PJ shot

All in all it was a fantastic day. The following points made it even more special and also brought a tear to my eyes:
               ♥ Hearing our Bans being read, and realising how close our wedding day really is
               ♥ Sharing the day with such wonderful people
               ♥ After dinner my Dad ending a phone call and telling us that he has arranged us a honeymoon. We don't have much money, and could not afford a honeymoon. He has now arranged for us to spend the weekend in Skegness, in a caravan. I cannot wait. 
               ♥ Coming home to our Millie and Jake, and knowing I have Monday off from work. 

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter.
Speak Soon, 


  1. Thats so sweet of your dad! Sounds like your had a wonderful easter weekend :) x

  2. Your weekend looks lovely, spending time with family is always nice :)
    I love that your dad has organised a honeymoon for you, i'm sure your wedding will be lovely too :) xx

  3. Aw I always love your posts! I wish all my family were that close!

    I agree with what you said about the church, last week I was unfourtunatly at a funeral and the things being said really do make you think! I'm religious but not strictly. I deffo think the true meaning has been forgotten which is quite upsetting.

    Bless your Nana, that pic of her asleep was so cute! I love how you all play cards, me and my friends do that, haha! x

  4. Aww your Nan is so sweet. :) I feel exactly the same about Easter. A few people on Twitter were saying that it was a holiday they could "happily do without" and it made me so sad. :( Your Easter Sunday looks amazing - I always play cards with my family too. So much fun. :) x x

  5. The photo of your nan is priceless :] So lovely of your dad is lovely to arrange a honeymoon for you! :] x


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