Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Wedding: Proud to be British

I couldn't let such a big occasion pass by without recording it on my blog, and yes of course you've guessed it... The Royal Wedding. I am so very proud to be British.

Firstly I didn't get chance to watch it, which pained me all day. I had my very own wedding dress fitting at 9:30am, which meant I was able to watch a bit before we set off. 

After my dress fitting (which looks perfect by the way) we headed to my parents, where we sat and watched the guests arrive. Did anyone else think that David Beckham looked a bit like Ricky Gervais???

As you can guess I'm not a huge fan. 
I was gutted that I had to set of for work 10 minutes before the wedding began, so I missed how absolutely stunning Kate Middleton looked. But my Mum was on the phone to me all the way to work filling me in on all the details. I just didn't want to go to work. I do believe that everywhere should have been closed, at least for the morning anyway. 

Once I got to work, I received a phone call... from my Mum, who talked me all the way through the details of Kate walking down the aisle, up to meeting Prince William at the alter. I cried just imagining how beautiful the whole thing was, and how much they truly love each other. I also could picture myself walking up the aisle to meet Michael, which filled me with tears of joy. 

As soon as I got on my break I had my phone out checking out blogger. haha. And no-one failed to disappoint me. I managed to see the much awaited images of the dress. 

Everything about this dress was just beautiful, and I couldn't have imagined anything more gorgeous. And her sister looked equally as beautiful in such a stunning dress. 

I am yet to watch the actual wedding, but it is on my Sky + waiting to be watched, I just need to get the tissues really first, as I can guarantee tears. But who cannot say that this is one of the most perfect couples? They look so much in love, and I don't know anyone who would disagree. 

Who needs Prince William when in two weeks today I will marry my very own Prince? It makes it all too real of how close our big day is, but I can definitely say I am officially looking forward to the 14th May 2011.

Lots of Love,

All images were taken from google images.


  1. she looked so so beautiful.

    Helen, X

  2. I cried happy tears a few times-- it was so beautiful :)


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