Friday, 20 August 2010


This year we decided to try something different. Normally Katie the control freak will plan her birthday from the moment she wakes to the moment she goes to bed.
2010 I thought that it was time to release the control and give it a new home in the safe hands of my amazing partner Michael.
I gave no clues to what I wanted to do.
I was given no clues to what I was going to do.
Surprisingly I also had no fear about whether my day would go well or fall to pieces.
I trusted that wherever we went as long as we were together we would have fun.
Mike had been planning the day for months, and the anticipation of the day had been slowly driving me mad for the same amount of time.
Finally the day arrived.
He woke me at 7am the time that I was born to bacon bagels and a pink rose.
I opened my presents and got ready for the day ahead.
I was then given the choice of finding out where we were going before we set off or once we got there.
I'd already waited 2 months what was another few hours?
He drove. 
I read.
We ended up in York. 
Our favourite city. 
Firstly he took us to York Maze.
This place is a-maze-ing. 
We had such a good time. 
We spent some time looking at the animals in the farm.

Despite all the signs warning that the animals may bite, Mike decide to stroke the pigs.

This had the most beautiful eyes.

The troll from under the bridge gave us a bit of a fright.

Oh wait that's me.

We then headed of to the maze....

...following our trusty map

Spot the Michael.

We then got lost...

a look of defeat!

We then headed to York city centre.

and took a long walk round the city walls.

Overall we had a fantastic day.
I couldn't have wished for a better day.
Any day out with my man is the best day ever.

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  1. wow looks an amazing day, Ive never been to a maze! If you get properly lost is there someone to help you, if you should loud enough?? btw do you have twitter?? xx Happy Belated birthday btw xx


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