Monday, 2 August 2010

Long time so speak

I've been inspired by so many different bloggers recently that I have felt the need to get back into something I love.
For once in a very long time the Next Blog option worked. I clicked on the link hoping for a miracle, hoping to find an amazing blog that would inspire my day, a page that I would loose numerous hours falling into and getting completely lost. All I can say is that miracles can happen.
The most inspirational blog I have found recently is Alice.
To be able to read a blog so completely random and full of parts of her life varying from collections, a sneak peak at her holiday to make-up and style bargains.
I love how her blog consist of whatever she wants to write about.
I love how it has no boundaries.
I love how you never know what to expect when stumbling across her page.
That's what I want of my blog.
I want my blog to be inspirational, I want my blog to be where someone new can spend hours just roaming, and where someone old (to my blog) can stay and relax for a while.
I want my blog to encourage someone, anyone, to do something they love, whether it be photography, writing, sharing a piece of their life or even their creativity.
So let kick start this inspirational sugar rush...
Here's my first love, photography..

I would have put more photographs up but blogger decided to make me wait forever then tell me that there was an error..... very

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