Thursday, 20 January 2011


My last personal post on this page was announcing my engagement. I can't believe that that was in August and now we're over half way through January. 
What gets me more than that is that I'm getting married in FOUR MONTHS! Thats it! And the only things that we have planned is the venue, i.e Church (booked, almost paid for) and my parents house for the reception, and Mike's suit (picked and paid for.) I don't even have my dress yet!!!
Though driving passed a wedding dress shop last night that I pass almost every day, I noticed that they were having a ONE DAY SALE on Sunday, so I'm really looking forward to that. I really hoping that I find one I love, that doesn't cost the earth. 
I am so excited to marry the man of my dreams, but the planning, or lack of planning is driving me mad. It's the day that most girls plan for their whole lives and in turn save for their whole lives. But that's not the case for me. Don't get me wrong I have always wanted to get married, and since meeting Mike that has been one of the main things on my mind, but we are the worst savers ever! So the only money we have to pay for our wedding is whatever is left from what we earn in the net few months. *nervous laugh* 

Overall I know that our day will go well, I know this because at the end of our wedding day we will be married, and really that's all that matters. But I really think that I need to get started on some of the other parts. 

I have the rings planned, I know what I want, what styles, what sizes, where I'm getting them from, everything, I just need to buy them. So in a way in my head that bit is done. Kind of. 

The favours are all planned, strange but planned. All home made, just need to get about 30 large tea light holders for a reasonable price. So more hunting needed there. The other part of the favours just require me to get my butt in gear! 

The save the dates are done, and a select few have been handed out, but the rest need to be printed out, which requires me to go and buy some more ink, seen as they are little ink munchers. I could have got them done professionally but I wanted Fridge Magnets, and couldn't find any online where I could guarantee that I knew how they would turn out. The colour scheme of these may need to be changed slightly so I can print more out for a lower cost. So another few hours on Photoshop will be needed. 

The invitations still need to be done, I have no idea where to get inspiration for these from, and I'm not very creative when it comes to wedding invitations. Jesus it took me FOUR HOURS for the SAVE THE DATES. 

Flowers, now thats another story, I just don't know where to start with that one. *slightly worried* 

Hair - no clue 

Make-up - still no clue

I've never been the type of girly girl that knows the best place to get hair and nails done.... oooh look there's another thing. 

Nails??? Real, or fake???

Shoes, now I kinda have that one planed, I know that I want flat shoes. Some sort of cream/white (depending on the dress I choose) pumps. I can't walk in heals, definitely not on one of the most important days of my life, where falling over would be a disaster. 

Decorations - I have some ideas, but not enough to be able to transform an average size UK house and garden into something spectacular! 

Now photography thats a different story. I really can't afford the scary prices that photographers charge to take your photos. And then extra so you can have the rights to your own pictures. You'd think that because I'm obsessed with photography and taking pictures I'd know someone that would be able to at least take a good picture, that I could edit myself. But no, unfortunately I have a small family and we don't get on with my partners side. I'll end up with pictures of my wedding dress without my 

I've scoured the internet for ideas of wedding on a budget, and only found websites with a definition of budget wedding being £4000! 

If any of my 7 followers (lol) could help with any ideas, I would be more grateful than you would believe. 

This post started somewhere completely different from where it ended... strange, but I think half way through this I realised how little time I really had until my wedding day. 

Thank you for reading this ramble. 
I promise to be back soon. 



  1. my friend found some great ideas in wedding magazines xxxx

  2. Good luck lovely, i'm a bit rubbish on this subject. x hivennn


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