Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Raw(e): Green + my first contest entry

The 17th August 2010 marks the date of my 22nd birthday and the date of my engagement. I know, I know, huge news that will receive a dedicated post. 
The whole day was organised by my now husband to be, Michael who took us to York, our favourite city. 
The picture was taken as I stood on my tippy toes peering through metal bars into this garden (thinking that I was being naughty, until I walked round the corner to find out that it was a public park.)
I just love how this picture turned out, I feel so proud. 

This picture is now an entry to Sailor & Company Raw(e): green


  1. Love the depth of field and LOTS of GREEN!! ;D
    Sounds like somebody made your birthday a VERY happy one!! Congrats on your engagement!!

  2. Congratulations x

  3. Awesome photo! Happy (late) birthday, and congratulations on getting engaged!!

  4. Beautiful shot and great memento of that special day! :O)

  5. Now I know 7 people who share a birthday with me....!


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