Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Birthday Wish List: Beauty Style

Last but not least my beauty birthday wish list! How fun. I love beauty so what could be better than lusting over pretty items of make-up (well except lusting over books.) These are the items I wish I could get... not that I've asked for any of these items this year. I guess I'm just hoping that people can read my mind...
Beauty Wish List 2011 KatieWrites

And there we have it, the last instalment of my Birthday wish list. I hope you have enjoyed a peek into my shallow side. Tomorrow we'll find out what I actually get. I cannot wait. I'm not expecting anything lavish this year and we all have fallen on rather tough times, but for me it's definitely the thought that counts, and my friends and family are the most thoughtful people around. 

Speak Soon, 


  1. Oooh I hope you have a lovely birthday! I'm obsessed with models own nailvarnish :)


  2. Have a fabulous birthday, looking forward to seeing what you get - I always think presents are just as exciting when they're someone else's!



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