Monday, 15 August 2011

Birthday Wish List: Geek Style

A wish list would not be complete without my much desired 'geek items.' As you all should know, I'm a geek at heart. I love my games and gadgets, my books and dvds, and of course my beloved dslr. Most of the items on my wish list I will never own, like the ipad (sad face) but I can always live in hope...
Description of Photo
ipad 2 / books - Matched / I heart Hollywood / Forever / One Day (and many more) / Ray-Bans / Nikon 50mm lens / Medium / Being Erica / L.A. Noire / Giraffe iphone case 

I'm so in love with all these items, especially the iphone cover, it's so cute. My favourite animal has to be the giraffe, they also hold a place in both Michael and I's heart.

Speak Soon, 


  1. I'm in love with those glasses! :)

  2. I finished 'Forever' recently and loved it! So sad it's the last book in the trilogy )':

    Also L.A.Noire is awesome! xxx


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